Dear Barcelona, I love you again!

Six months ago I was in a relationship and we decided to go to Spain together. Today I am here in Barcelona, not with him, and I couldn’t be happier!

Our relationship ended shortly after we bought the tickets, and without hesitation I decided I to go by myself. I’ve traveled alone before and it’s empowering and exciting, albeit sometimes lonely. ‘I could blog about my adventures,’ I thought to myself. I also changed the route from the original plan – I found a reasonable flight to Sardinia, land of 1% of my DNA according to, and booked 10 of the 13 total days there.

All was well, my plans were exciting, but for some strange reason I was procrastinating booking places to stay in Sardinia. There I was, two weeks before my flight with no sleeps booked and at pottery class on a Tuesday night, when one of my fellow pottery students asked who I was going with.

“I’m going on my own!” I said proudly.

“Really?” Lauren said excitedly, “I thought for sure you were going with a friend.”

I told her about the original plan and she asked if I wanted company. Two days later, we met at tea house to transfer Tom’s ticket into her name. She loved all of my travel ideas and I booked our Airbnbs.

And the rest is now!

Stay tuned as I take you through a European adventure to Barcelona and Sardinia.

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  1. Great post 😊


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